13 julio 2013

Cambios en el reproductor

No está andando el reproductor de audio que usamos. Vamos a esperar, porque realmente está bueno. Paciencia...
Estábamos acostumbrados al servicio de Divshare, que se rompió hace unos días. Ojalá se arregle, porque más allá de la costumbre, es muy cómodo, tanto para el oyente como para el que tiene que armarlo, o sea, YO.

We apologize for the issues some of you may be having with accessing your Dashboard panel or embed code pages. Some of you may have issues with downloading and uploading files due to the slow speeds, but don’t worry all stored files are secure.
We are still experiencing some connectivity issues to some of our datacenters. Our networking, system engineers and datacenter operations teams have been deployed and are working to resolve an issue which is causing this. Sorry about the inconvenience this is causing.
Please check back here often, as we will be posting updates as we receive them.

 Por eso la demora en actualizar esta semana. Mil disculpas.

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