16 marzo 2015

A media máquina provisoria.

Por algunos inconvenientes ajenos a nosotros el blog está a medio funcionar. La gente que nos "hostea" la música están realizando una stareas de mantenimientos en sus servidores. No nos queda otra que esperar...
Acá el mensaje que mandan a sus clientes.

"Hello everyone,
Some of you might experience file playing/downloading and new file upload issues due to slow connectivity to some of our datacenters. The technical team is aware and trying to solve the problem. Apologize for the inconvenience caused.
The Service is in Maintenance mode now - uploads and file playing will be restored as soon as possible.
An update will be posted when we have more details, or when the problem is resolved and all systems operating normally.
DivShare Suppor

Disculpas para tod@s. Estamos en breve.

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